Gyms in Oshawa, ON

There are close to two dozen gyms and fitness facilities in Oshawa that are dedicated to ensuring the locals live a healthy and fit life through regular exercises. The facilities do this by providing the right workout and fitness equipment and trainers in exchange for a small membership fee. Below are some of the top Gyms in area of Oshawa, ON and what they have to offer:


Just like the name suggests, Fit4Less is a gigantic workout facility that features state-of-the-art training and workout equipment for people of all ages for a small subscription of between $5 and $11 every two weeks depending on the plan you choose. The facility operates for 24 hours per day and features some additional amenities like a locker room to keep your stuff, access to clean drinking water, and private showers which are always clean and large enough to change in.

If you feel like pampering yourself after working out, there are several hydro massage beds, massage chairs, and tanning facilities which are accessible only to those on the more expensive $10.99(ever two weeks) plan. There are plenty of equipment for everyone and the place is ever clean and never overcrowded which makes it an ideal gym to sign up with.

LA Fitness

Located at 1189 Ritson Rd N, LA Fitness is a contemporary gym with ultra-modern equipment and amenities including an indoor swimming pool, great workout equipment, a basketball court, spacious locker rooms, bathrooms and more! The facility is one of Oshawa’s most loved fitness centers and with their very friendly and flexible subscription plan- it is easy to see why. There are also healthy snacks, supplements, and health drinks sold in the gym to help revitalize and replenish your body with the energy needed to keep you going.

GoodLife Fitness

Probably the only gym located in a place where you can get anything you want (Oshawa Center) without having to even get out on the streets, GoodLife Fitness is a leading health and fitness gym in Oshawa and the most popular one not only due to its location in the heart of the city but also due to its quality of services. From the type of equipment available to the prices and workout programs, GoodLife Fitness is everything you have been looking for.

Other popular gyms in Oshawa, ON include CrossFit Oshawa, Orangetheory Fitness, Motor City Boxing Club, YMCA – Kids, Jamestown Boxing Club, CrossFit Totality, and Team 12 Training among others.