Gyms in North York, ON

In today’s world, living a healthy lifestyle is not just about good eating habits; exercises are also an integral part of leading a healthy. As such, you require t look for a gym near you that offers your desired services and purchase a membership plan. Gyms in area of North York Ontario, ON can help you reduce weight, tune your body to your desired shape and most importantly keep away from lifestyle diseases. The statistics have it that lifestyle diseases are the leading causes of many deaths globally. If you are looking for a good gym with the best fitness and workout programs, here are some of the best gyms in North York, ON;

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is among the best gym service provider in both Canada and U.S. The North York branch is located at York Gate Boulevard, and it is open for 24 hours a day just like most other Planet Fitness Gyms.  Planet Fitness offers a variety of services which helps to the betterment of your overall living. The gym has all the gym equipment, spacious training rooms, and qualified gym instructors when needed. The membership price is quite low and subject to a renewal every month. Once you pay the monthly subscription, you have a chance to use all the equipment in the facilities.

Body + Soul Fitness

Body + Soul Fitness is located at 1875 Leslie Street and it is also a top-rated gym with lots of equipment and amenities. The fitness center is accessible from Sunday to Sunday starting from 5 am, and 6 am including on weekends. People who have been using the gym have graded it as a first-class gym since the customer support team is always ready to assist you in any way possible. The facility was established back in 2001 has been working hard ever since to ensure the resident of North York, ON achieve their fitness goals.

The Boxing 4 Fitness Company

The Boxing 4 Fitness Company is one of the best boxing fitness clubs in the area and it is located at 18 Hillcrest Avenue. Here, most of the people who use this facility to train for boxing games and also achieve fitness. They have trainers and coaches who can handle kids from the age of 11 and above. The coaches are qualified to guide the young one on how to play boxing.

The Fitness Center

This highly rated fitness center is located at 32 Colville Rd, and it is open from Monday to Sunday starting at 6 am. The gym is well equipped and has spacious room; there are different programs for everyone different groups of people. There is a weight loss, bodybuilding, and a strength training program among other things. Their facility is quite modern and updated.