Gym in Ajax ON

Ajax, ON is a very active community with a large section of its population being health conscious in terms of body fitness and strength. As such, the town is home to some top-of-the-line Gyms and workout facilities dedicated to the ensuring that all members achieve the heath and body fitness goals:

Anytime Fitness

This is a 24-hour facility located at 81 Middlecote that is locally owned and operated by devoted members who understand the importance of good health and fitness. This contemporary facility is equipped with different types of equipment that perfectly help you reach your goals. After joining the fitness club, you’ll get lots of support from the staff as well as other gym members which make working out a thing to look forward to. Anytime Fitness is one of the most convenient fitness clubs with over 4,000 branches worldwide and the community here is very helpful and encouraging. They have a 24-hour security system, private shower rooms, and restrooms, convenient parking, cardio TVs, Zumba classes, group and personal classes and many more. The atmosphere is amazing for any type of work out.

Life Time Athletic

Located at 100 Beck Crescent, Life Time Athletic is one of the most popular fitness clubs that open from 4 am to 12 am daily. The facility is always stocked with quality hygiene products free for its members. They have luxurious locker rooms, modern workout equipment, personal and group training and so much more all aimed at providing a reliable fitness platform. This ultra-modern fitness club has a large work out spaces and play areas all designed to move and inspire you towards your goals. They have a homey atmosphere and the entire interior is exquisitely furnished and up to date. The working staff is very welcoming, helpful and very knowledgeable about their services.

GoodLife Fitness Ajax

This is a 24-hour health club located at 314 Harwood Avenue that has an awesome environment for workouts and strength training among other things. The staff is very knowledgeable and the trainers practically know everything there is to know about every muscle in the body and what it does and what workout plans you need to get the results you need. They have enough showers, machines, and excellent massage chairs with great hot sauna to relax in. This is one of the leading work out facility in Ajax and it gives you access to everything you need to reach your goals. The team in GoodLife Fitness genuinely cares about your health and fitness.