Getting to Scarborough ON

Getting to Scarborough is pretty easy. The neighborhood borders Old Toronto and the city of Markham. So if you can get to one of the cities, it is pretty easy to find your way into Scarborough by bus, car rental, or by train. Here are some of the most convenient means of getting to area of Scarborough .

Taking a Flight

A flight landing to the Toronto Pearson International Airport puts you close to Scarborough. The distance between the airport and Scarborough is about 35 kilometers if you take the Ontario 401 0r the 407 Express. That’s a 20 to 30 minutes drive, and there are lots of buses servicing both routes. You may also get a taxi or hire a car and drive to Scarborough from the airport.

You may also take a flight into the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, which is much closer to Scarborough. The 28 kilometers drive only takes 22 minutes by bus or car on the Ontario 401 Express.

Markham has a single air facility servicing private flights. If you’re not chartering a private plane, to make your way to Markham, you’ll have to land in Toronto and follow the Ontario 401 Express, which passes through Scarborough.


If you want to take the rail from Toronto or Markham and make your way to Scarborough, the GO transit network has lots of trains. From Toronto, the UP Express takes you from the airport to Union Station. From here, you get a train to the Scarborough GO station close to Old Toronto. If you’re coming in from Markham, the GO station in the city should get you to Scarborough. The train station at Scarborough is close to St. Clair Avenue and Midland Avenue. There’s a footpath linking the train station with the community in Scarborough. It passes through Natal Park, but you can also grab a bus on St. Clair Avenue at Linden Avenue.


The bus station at the Scarborough Town Center connects to all major cities in Canada. You can quickly get from Toronto Pearson Airport to Scarborough by bus. The best thing is, you don’t have to follow the Ontario 401 Express. The bus route takes a slight detour and joins the ON-401 a few kilometers outside of Old Toronto. The trip takes about 25 minutes. The bus ride may also drop you at the Scarborough Bust Stop, also known as the Ground Courier Express. Bus trips from Toronto Pearson Airport to Scarborough go for anywhere between $5 and $20. There’s a bus for every budget.