Getting to Markham ON

Being a bustling metropolitan, you shouldn’t have a problem getting to Markham. The city, much like its neighbor Toronto, is well connected to the rest of Canada and the world through a network of rail, road, and airports. Here are some of the ways to get to area of Markham, if you don’t plan on hiking.

Bus to Markham

There are lots of buses to Markham city. You can even grab a bus from the United States all the way to the Canadian capital of hi-tech companies. The trip might be long, so here are a couple of bus trips short enough to be enjoyable.

If you’re going to take a bus to Markham, your first choice should be the bus terminal from Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) in Mississauga. The trip takes about 100 minutes and there are plenty of buses at any single time. There are only two stops in the entire trip at Vaughan and at Richmond Hill.

Another equally convenient route is taking a bus from the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada at Toronto. The trip takes about 95 minutes. There are shorter bus trips from Terminal 3 in Mississauga that takes about 60 minutes, and from Scarborough Center Station that take about 90 minutes. Depending on where you’re coming from, these bus stops should offer a convenient commute to Markham.

By Rail

The Markham GO station is the city’s only railway station. It connects the town to the rest of the country and since its construction in 1871, it now has nine Stouffville trains going to Union Station in the morning, and nine more in the afternoon and late evening. During other times of the day, passengers have access to the GO bus routes that make their way to the Uxbridge station. If you can find a train that connects to Markham GO station, traveling by rail to the city is easy as it is fun.

Flying to Markham

Markham has a number of international airports close by with direct flights to and from numerous global destinations. The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is one of the closest and most convenient for passengers. It is only 43 miles away from Markham and has several buses routes going to Markham. The Toronto Pearson International Airport is another popular choice since it is less than 60 kilometers from Markham. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport and the Region of Waterloo International Airport are also viable choices even though they are further away from the city. There’s also the private Markham Airport for small private airplanes.