Farmers Markets Markham ON

Markham might not look like it, but it is packed with lots of markets selling fresh produce. Residents often make trips to 9th and 19th Avenue to grab groceries, dairy products, and poultry every weekend. Town of Markham Ontario, after all, started as an agricultural town before becoming a tech-hub. Its farming roots are still there, and farmers take pride in serving residents with some of the best produce in the Greater Toronto area. Here are some of the best farmers market in the city to help you can stock your pantry with fresh farm produce.

Reesor’s Farm Market

One of the best farmer’s markets to visit during the Fall, Reesor’s Farm Market is a treat for the whole family. There are loads of pumpkins, freshly baked pies, and corn on sale. The market is known for its gigantic pumpkins more than anything else, and kids love it. The changing color of leaves in the Fall brings an alluring atmosphere to the market, and you might want to capture some photos of these moments. It does tend to get busy over the weekends, but that doesn’t mean you’ll come out empty handed. There are plenty of pumpkins for everyone. You won’t get any poultry or dairy products here, which is a shame.

19th Avenue Farmers Market

The farmers market on 19th Avenue is another perfect spot for grabbing tasty pumpkins. You might end up buying a whole lot more though. They have the largest red tomatoes in Markham, peppers, kale, cauliflower, cilantro, parsley, eggplants, and onions on sale throughout the year. If you’re looking for fresh groceries at an unbeatable price, then 19th Avenue Farmers Market is your best bet. Folks looking for fresh meat, dairy products, or fish will have little luck here though.

Organics Farm

Organic Farm is pretty close to 19th Avenue Farmers Market on 19th Avenue. What 19th Avenue Farmers Market lacks in dairy and poultry products, Organic Farm makes up for it. They rear lots of animals including cows, sheep, goat, pigs, and chicken. You the finest selection of steaks, eggs, milk, and poultry to keep your fridge stocked for the week. The fresh produce from the market is all organically grown and free from chemicals. There’s a private parking lot, which is convenient since you’ll have to drive to the farm. Kids can tag along and pet some of the farm animals or explore the maze at the farm while you shop around.