Farmers markets in Uxbridge, ON

We all know that farmers markets are indispensable at this day and age as they offer us what local groceries can’t give us and more. Town of Uxbridge Ontario based farmers markets are some of the most diversified markets in Ontario, offering a wide range of organic produces, spices, fruits, cooked food, drinks, and many other goods and services. Some offer live music and entertainment on weekends and are pet-friendly. If you are visiting Uxbridge for the first time or you just moved in and need to familiarize yourself with your new home and where to get those greens, below is a complete list of farmers markets that in Uxbridge Township, their locations and what they have to offer:

Uxbridge Farmers’ Market

This is the largest Farmers’ Market in the Township and by far the most active one. Located at 14 Victoria Street, the market features an increasing number of vendors from the finest local farms selling products like fresh veggies, seasonal fruit, cheese, meats, maple syrup, honey, wild foods, herbal tea, potted plants and flowers, baked goods, preserves, BBQ, coffee, pizza, and homemade crafts among other things. There is a stage for and live music and entertainment and the market can be a good place to spend your Sunday morning interacting with new people while shopping. The market offers the best prices for their high-quality products. Their cooked-ready to eat food ensures that you get a complete experience and taste of what you are about to buy. Uxbridge Farmers’ Market takes place every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm without fail.

Uxbridge Farmers’ Market is also the location of several popular local events including the like of garlic lover’s fest and garlic lover’s fest which are integrated to run along with the usual farmers market. This is your ultimate shopping destination for any form of farm product and more. Bring your family along and join in the fun.

Brooks Farms Market and Bakery

This is a farm in Uxbridge that offers a farmers market section, a bakery and a spacious play area for kids. With the option of picking your own produce, the market is a big hit in town and their prices are very friendly.

Hy-Hope Farm

Last on the list is Hy-Hope Farm, a contemporary indoor farmers market located just outside Uxbridge in the neighboring hamlet of Ashburn. The markets have a wide selection of greens and fruits and its bakery is incredible at the very least.