Farmers markets in Pickering ON

Pickering, ON has developed into one of the most livable cities in Ontario over the last two decades. The city’s laidback nature and the presence of many educational institutions make it an ideal place for the working class people as well as families with schooling kids. The city features a developing downtown area and an activity-filled coast area.

The city is also home to large farming areas that provide the locals with fresh organic supplies and other farm products for all their cooking needs. Since going to the farms to buy your kitchen supplies is not always an option, the people depend on the local farmers market to bring them what they need. Below are some of the main farmer’s markets found within Town of Pickering ON and the surrounding areas!

The Pickering Markets

This is a weekend indoor flea market located at 1400 Squires Beach Road. This multi-cultural market opens on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm, focusing on international food options and retail sales. The market has been running for about 30 years now and their services keep improving from with time. They offer fresh organic farm products, cosmetics, valuable antiques that majorly occupy the market, paintings, household items, clothes and also automotive. They also have a vegan and organic section. The prices are reasonable and the staff is very helpful. The washrooms are well maintained and the parking lot is very spacious. This market is family friendly and a great shopping destination for all your kitchen supplies and more.

Farm Boy               

Located at 1355 Kingston Road, Farm Boy is a fresh food market that opens from 8 am to 9 pm on a daily basis. The market boasts of its quality products which include fresh organic veggies and fruits, meat, dairy, seafood and well prepared ready to eat foods. Their products are locally sourced and well packed to make transportation easy. The staff is accommodating, knowledgeable and very friendly creating a good atmosphere for shopping. Their display style and arrangements allowing you to quickly browse through all items and easily locate everything you need. Their prices are a little bit on the upper side but totally worth it.

Reesor’s Farm Market

This is another popular market located at 10825 Ninth Line and opens from 9 am to 6:30 pm on a daily basis excluding Sundays. They provide high-quality fresh farm products and some readymade foods. They have a beautiful environment and a wild space for an awesome view of the outdoors during winter and summer. They offer great prices for pumpkins during the Halloween period. The prices are way too affordable but their services are very commendable and the market is always clean.