Farmers markets in Oshawa ON

If you have never been to a farmers market in your life, you are missing a great deal of fun-filled shopping. Farmers markets in Oshawa, ON offer more than the standard farm-fresh produce and dairy products. In most cases, you are bound to find a great selection of fresh fruits, flowers, baked goods, preserves, cheese, maple syrup, honey, and jams, cooked food and more. In some cases, these markets feature live entertainment for the shoppers and it’s one of the few places where you can bring your dog with you while shopping. There are also vendors selling craft items which tend to be very nice especially if you are visiting Town of Oshawa Ontario for the first time and you’d like a souvenir to bring back home. Below are some of the top-rated farmer’s markets in Oshawa:

North Oshawa Farmer’s Market

Located at 1661 Harmony Rd N, this prominent farmers market is always open on Saturday between 8 am and 1 pm during the peak harvest period which in most cases is between May and December. The market specifically situated at the southwest parking area of the locally popular Delmark Homes Center which is known for hosting the New Year’s Eve celebrations among other local annual events.

This market was started by a group of concerned local residents and currently offers a wide selection of fresh local produce, dairy products, baked goods, and other products. Strict measures have been put in place to ensure that all items brought to the markets are of high quality and sourced from local farms in Oshawa in order to promote the local agricultural industry. Despite its small size, North Oshawa Farmer’s Market is fast gaining popularity and it a perfect Saturday morning shopping destination for the whole family.

Linton’s Farm Market

Next on the list is Linton’s Farm Market which is held on the owner’s farm on 571 Raglan Rd E. The market offers you a chance to experience the beauty of picking your own produce for yourself and getting reduced prices for doing it. It is the perfect place to take kids on weekends. Some of the products on offer include veggies, fruits, and pumpkins among other things. They also offer a lot of interesting activities like shooting pumpkins using a canon and a petting zoo.

Other locals markets include Durham Organics, Farm Boy, Oshawa Centre Farmers’ Market, and Pingle’s Farm Market among others.