Farmers markets in Newmarket, ON

In today’s fast-paced world, farmers markets provide us with the best option for buying fresh locally sourced produce and dairy products. These markets offer a completely different shopping experience. The stall owners will be ready to help you out with your purchase and also want to hold a friendly conversation with you. You can sample many items before you make a decision.

Farmers markets also present the best organic products which are grown with quality and health in mind. Farmers markets in Town of Newmarket Ontario and the entire York region offer the best organically produced farm and animal products. There are also products like homemade crafts, fruits, cooked foods and more. Below are some of the top farmer’s markets within and outside Newmarket, ON that serve resident of this beautiful town:

Newmarket Main Street Farmers’ Market

Located at 538 Timothy Street, this is one of the oldest and largest markets of its king in Town. The market is only on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm and offers a wide variety of products including local bread, cheeses, fresh meats, fresh vegetables, herbs, cakes, flowers, potted plants, pizza, goat cheese, crepe, pastries, fresh juices, and a variety of food option among other things. There is live music to entertain the buyers and this is one of the most popular family-shopping destinations for weekends. The prices are standard and in some cases, very pocket-friendly.

Strawberry Creek Farm Market

This is the second-largest farmers market within Newmarket and is located at 17471 Woodbine Avenue. Here too you can get a good collection of farm-fresh vegetables, and fruits especially strawberries which are their specialty. You can also buy a variety of frozen meats options including bacon, gluten-free sausages, sausages, and others. The market is located just next to the farm where all the products and you get an option to go and pick your fruits for yourself which brings produce shopping to a whole new level. Despite the market being smaller than Newmarket Main Street Farmers’ Market, it is open all week from 9 am to 6 pm which makes it less congested.

They are other farmers markets outside newmarket town that also serve the residents of the town. These markets which include East Gwillimbury Farmers Market in the neighboring East Gwillimbury town and The Aurora Farmers Market in the beautiful town of Aurora which is just a few minutes’ drive away from downtown Newmarket also offer quality and affordability.