Farmers markets in Ajax ON

Farmers markets and grocery stores are an important source of farm fresh products especially for people living within urban areas like Ajax, ON. They serve as a reliable source of or healthy organic produce, dairy products, and fruits among other things. Below are some of Ajax’s towns top farmers markets and grocery stores:

Stroud Farms

Located at 775 Kingston Road, Stroud Farms are connected roadside agricultural farm cum farmers market that spans an area of over 270 acres in area of Ajax ON and proudly supplies the locals residents with the best selection of locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables, corns, pumpkins, and other farm products. The market sells its products and those of other local farmers at great prices and the market is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Since 1960, the objective of the Stroud Farms has been and still is to provide fresh, healthy and quality products to the customers. They have the best potatoes and tomatoes which are professionally packed and cleaned to allow easy picking and transportation by their customers. The vendors and sellers at Stroud Farms are very helpful and friendly which makes making shopping both easy and affordable.

MacMillan Orchards

Since 1953, MacMillan Orchards has been loyal and straight forward to its customers in providing the best and fresh quality products. This family-owned fresh produce store is located at 733 Kingston Road and operates on a daily basis from 9 am to 6 pm. They have great frozen foods, vegetables, pies fruits, and even soups ranking them among the best sellers of frozen foods. They have a great selection of products ranging from different varieties to choose from. They have knowledgeable staff who are easy to talk to and take time to explain about the new products before letting you purchase them. The store is reasonably priced for its high-quality products.

Longo’s Ajax       

This is a family-owned Canadian organization started in 1956 as a fruit market but later on developed to full grocery stores across Ajax and its neighbors. Located at 1 Rossland Road the store opens from 7 am to 10 pm daily ranks as the leading online grocery market in Ajax.  Their products are fresh and locally sourced and they have a large selection of organic products. They have a wide selection of products and the attendants are very friendly and professional. They also sell a wide variety of cooked meals, home-baked goods, and salads which are perfectly prepared by their well-experienced chefs. The store is always clean and free on-site parking is also available for buyers.