Farmers Market Scarborough ON

At least once in a week, a farmers market opens its doors to offer Scarborough’s residents fresh produce and locally prepared foodstuffs. If you want to support the last few farmers in Toronto, who own the farms in Scarborough, check out these farmers market. You might even find that you prefer the fresh and organic groceries. Here are the top farmers’ markets in and around Toronto’s east end.

The Annex Bloor and Borden Farmers Market

Open every Wednesday, the Bloor/Borden Farmers Market is where you go to get the best farm produce in the spring and summer. The market opens every Wednesday from 3 PM to 7 PM at the Bloor and Lippincott parking lot convenient for most folks working in downtown Toronto. The Annex market is a relatively new addition to the MyMarket chain, but all the vendors produce goods locally. To be a certified market, the Bloor/Borden market must ensure that the dozen or so farmers use only organic methods to get their produce. You’re guaranteed of chemical-free fruits and vegetables with all of your purchases. There are tons of activities and live music performances at the market to keep kids entertained while you shop. The only downside to the Bloor/Borden farmers market is its seasonal produce.

Bayview and Leaside

Toronto Botanical Garden welcomes the Bayview and Leaside farmers’ market every Thursday from 2 PM to 7 PM. The market is open all year long, making it one of the more popular markets in Scarborough. Here, you get organic meat, raw, unprocessed honey, and all kinds of vegetables from local vendors. Like other farmers’ markets in Toronto, there are lots of activities apart from shopping. There are live music performances, a kid play area, and lots of locally made food ready to try out. Being close to the Toronto Botanical Garden, the market also doubles up as a place to check out the natural beauty on the east end of Toronto.


The Dufferin Grove Park gets a makeover every Thursday when the Bloordale farmers’ market comes to town. Vendors offer fresh market produce including dairy products, vegetables, poultry, and fresh meat. The market is open all year round, but summer is when the action begins. Vendors line the paved sidewalks in their stalls filled with freshly pressed olive oil, groceries, and ready-to-eat treats cooked right there in the park’s oven.

Brick Works

Although you have to grab a shuttle bus from Broadview station to get to the Evergreen Brick Works, the trip is well worth it. More than 50 vendors gather here every Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM selling everything from freshly cut flowers to fresh bread.