Farmers market in Stouffville ON

In addition to the numerous attractions and great family fun destinations, in area of Stouffville , ON, there are a number of nearby farmers markets for people who love to cook using only the freshest supplies. These are high-rated produce and product markets that sell local products. Some of these establishments are listed below:

Reesor’s Farm Market

Reesor’s Farm Market located at 10825 Ninth Line is an open-air and indoor market located on a private farm within Markham City. The market features a great selection of fresh farm produce and other products and buyers have the option of picking their own produce from the farm for much-reduced prices. This is an old-fashioned market is open year-round and is definitely one of the best places to go shopping with your family as they’ll enjoy getting their hands dirty while picking their own food. There are plenty of veggies, pumpkins, and fruits and the bakery offers freshly baked goodies at a very cheap price.

19th Avenue Farmers’ Market

Located at 2931 19th Avenue, 19th Avenue Farmers’ Market is another top-rated outdoor and indoor farmers market within Markham city that serves the people of Stouffville, ON and the neighboring communities. The market is one of the most popular shopping destinations for fresh produce and other farm products and the variety and selection is always great. Though the prices have gone up in the recent past due to the popularity of the market, the products still remain way better than what you get in local supermarkets and the locals always are always sad to see the market close during the off-season.

Reesor’s Market & Bakery

Known as the only fresh produce market within Stouffville’s jurisdiction, Reesor’s Market & Bakery has created a reputation of offering great prices for their high-quality products which include farm produce and ready-made soups, baked goods and much more. Reesor’s Market beats the likes of supermarkets and grocery store in offering great prices and an all year round services.

Strawberry Creek Farm Market

Also located near Stouffville, ON is Strawberry Creek Farm Market, a small but popular indoor farmers market located at 17471 Woodbine Avenue in Newmarket. The farm offers the buyers an option to visit the farms and pick their own produce for the fun of doing it as a family. The products offered here include different vegetable and fruit varieties, fruits, frozen meat, corn, and gluten-free sausages among others.