Farmers market in North York, ON

When you want to get fresh vegetables directly from the farm at a discounted price, it’s good to visit the local farmers market. In area of North York ON, there is a few local farmers market that sells locally grown produce and farm products. In the market, you also have a chance to interact with the farmer and pick the best products that meet your need. There are a variety of products and you don’t need a grocery list since all the products are displayed in the open. Some of the top farmer’s markets in North York, ON are listed below:

North York Farmer’s Market

North York Farmer’s market is one of the largest farmers markets in North York, ON and serves many residents within this area. The market is located at Mel Lastman Square, and it is open only on Thursday starting at 8.00 am and closes at 2.00pm. At this market, you can get all everything you need in your kitchen and the quality will be two times better than what you’d get in a local grocery store. And at around half the price, it’s a steal. The market also features cooked foods, drinks, and live entertainment.

Downsview Park Merchants Market

Downsview is a flea market located at 40 Carl Hall Road, where people sell a different kind of products that are produced within the area. The most common products that are sold in this flea market is the farm products, clothes, antiques, and different foods stuffs. The market is only open for two days in a week-Saturday and Sunday. Whatever you are looking, be sure that you will find it at half the usual price.

Weston Farmers’ Market

Weston Farmers’ Market is another famous market that is located within the proximity of North York, ON. The exact location for the Weston Farmers’ market is at 19 John Street, and it is open only on Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm. Here the farmers have a chance to sell their farm produce without going through the middle man. The farm products are fresh and very healthy as there are no preservative added.

People’s Church Community Market

People’s Church is a community farmers market located at 3 Wilfred Avenue near North York. Being one of the few farmers markets that run for two days per week, People’s Church Community Market is always filled with shoppers from all over Toronto in their hunt for fresh produce and exotic spices among other things.