Famous People Markham ON

With such a long, rich and diverse history, you’d expect Town of Markham ON to have lots of famous people. You wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption. Markham is home to some of the most recognizable faces in Canada. Here are some of the city’s most recognizable sons and daughters.

Mitch Marner

Hockey being one of the biggest national sports, it would make sense for an exceptional hockey player to become an instant darling of the country. Marner, one of the highest forwards in the National Hockey League, plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs after being drafted from the OHL’s London Knights. The hockey player was born on May 5th in Markham. Even at an early age, Marner showed a penchant for the game and would play for the Clarington Toros during his youth. He also helped Canada clinch the gold medal during the Under 18 Junior World Cup tournament in 214.

Steven Stamkos

Another hockey legend from Markham, Stamkos is one of the three players in the history of the Tampa Bay Lightning team to score 300 goals and earn more than 500 points. He also set the record for the number of goals scored in a season by Tampa Bay during the 2011-2012 season where he netted 60 goals. The NHL center also won the coveted Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy during the same season. He was born on February 7th February 1990.

Emma Hentschel

Nominated for the Joey Award and a leading actress in the TV movie “Mommy’s Little Girl,” Hentschel is a darling of Markham. Before she became an actress, her life in Markham revolved around sports, where she played in a high-level soccer team as well as participating in volleyball and basketball. With her athletics ambitions, it would have been difficult to imagine Hentschel would go on to become a silver screen favorite for audiences all over the country. She was born on May 21, 2002, and during her acting career, she starred in Pepsi’s anti-bullying video and performed in the 2013 production of “A Christmas Carol.”

Phylicia George

Yet another world-dominating athlete from Markham, Phylicia George was born on November 16, 2007. Her professional career as a runner saw her compete and win in the World Championships in Korea in 2011. Her return to the competition during the 2012 Summer Olympics failed to impress as she only managed to finish in sixth place, but George had already made her mark. She joined the Canadian Olympic team in 2016, joining forces with Andre De Grasse.