Famous people from Whitby, ON

The beautiful lakeside Town of Whitby ON is one of the most popular towns in Southern Ontario due to its rich history and cultural diversity among other things. The town is not only a thriving economic and cultural center but also a well-established administrative center for the Durham region. The town also boasts of being home to several popular Canadians who are either known for their prominence in their careers or for their fame or good deeds to the community or the world at large. Below is a list of some of the Whitby’s most famous people and what they are known for:

May Irwin

The late May Irwin was a very prominent Canadian actress of her time who doubled up as a singer. Irwin was born in the early 1860s in what was then a small but slowly developing town of Whitby.  Despite being one of the indispensable stars in the legendary vaudeville, she also went down is the film history as the first recipient of live screen kiss. Irwin was also a canny businesswoman who went on to amass a lot of wealth in the business industry before retiring to her home in Florida. She died in the late 1930s in New York leaving behind a husband and two sons. She is remembered as an iconic figure in the Canadian film industry.

Andrew James Robert Patrick Martin

Martin is a very famous Canadian wrestler who was born in Whitby and worked with WWE/WWF for almost a decade, a period during which he enjoyed a lot of success by winning numerous championships which cemented his place as one of Canada’s greatest professional wrestler of all time. Martin’s ring name was Test. He worked with the likes of Booker T and Kane among other renowned wrestlers before leaving and returning for a second spell at WWE where he was released from his contract in 2004 after a spinal fusion surgery was performed on him following a recurrent neck injury. Martin’s last match came in 2009 after his retirement and just one month before his death in his Florida based villa. His body was cremated and the remains sent to his home in Whitby town.

Other popular names from Whitby, ON include rapper Kevin Brereton, gold medalist Anne Ottenbrite, Adam David Vernon Foote, actress Andrea Joy Cook, politician Tyler Seguin, Judo Olympian Kelita Zupancic, Joe Nieuwendyk, Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, Gavin Prout, Andrea Muizelaar, Aaron Milton, and Caroline Nichols Churchill among others.