Famous people from Uxbridge, ON

Uxbridge Township is a small predominantly residential community within the Durham region that, despite being one of the smallest self-governing entities in the area, has strived to mark its territory as one of the top bedroom communities in Ontario. The Township is home to a population estimated to be in excess of 20,000 people, most of who work outside this commuter town. Regardless of this, the city offers a significant number of employment opportunities within its premises.

People are drawn here by the tranquil environment and many public amenities that the Town of Uxbridge ON has to offer along with the fast-growing modern neighborhoods. Since time immemorial, Uxbridge, ON has been home to numerous famous political figures, celebrated actors and actresses, sportsmen and women, writers and more. Below is a list of the most popular residents and former residents of Uxbridge Township:

Joseph Gould

The late Joseph Gould was born in the scenic township of Uxbridge. He owned a farm and a mill in Uxbridge and other towns in Ontario. He was an active member of various political movements during his youthful age, some of which landed him in prison. After prison, he became a popular political figure in Uxbridge and is said to have greatly influenced the construction of the local railway lines. He served a 12-year term as the district council of Uxbridge begging from 1842 and went on to become the first reeve the Township and later the first warden of the county of Ontario. Gould died at his home in Uxbridge aged 78.

Isaac James Gould

James was the son of Joseph Gould and a renowned politician who followed his father’s political footsteps and became the reeve of Uxbridge and warden of Ontario during his rather long political career. He was also an industrialist and owned most of his father’s properties in Uxbridge where he was born. James died in 1915 at the age of 75.

Hayden Christensen

Christensen is a celebrated Canadian actor who is famously known for his successful roles in Life as a House where he was portrayed as Sam. He won the Golden Globe Award among other coveted film awards for this role. Christensen who recently bought a home and farm in Uxbridge also featured prominently in several episodes of the Star Wars series where he also won some awards.

Other notable people from this humble community include Leah Daniels who is a renowned country musician, gold medalist Jessica Phoenix who competes for Canada in Eventing and last but not least, famous footballer Jeff Keeping.