Famous people from Richmond Hill, ON

Town of Richmond Hill ON is a gorgeous city with a huge population, deep-rooted history, and a diverse cultural background. As such, the city is home to some of Canadas most popular Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Actors and actresses, Athletes, Musicians, and Writers who have left their mark on the community and the nation at through their unique contributions to the society. Below is a list of some of the most famous sons and daughters of Canada who have at one point or another live in Richmond Hill, ON:

Dylan Jeremy Neal

Neal is a 49-year-old Canadian actor who was born in the city of Richmond Hill. Despite holding dual citizenships holds dual citizenship for the United States and Canada, Neal still considers Richmond Hill as his home town. He started his career in 1988 and went on to play major roles in films like The Bold and the Beautiful where he portrayed the character Dylan Shaw, Dawson’s Creek where he played Doug Witter, Blood Ties supernatural series where he played the role of Detective Mike Celluci. He also featured prominently in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch as Aaron Jacobs.

Stephanie Italia Ricci

Ricci is another Canadian born celebrity from Richmond Hill who has an Italian decent. As an actress, Ricci has also appeared in many major films with her most recent one being the Designated Survivor where she prominently played the role of special advisor Emily Rhodes of the White House.  Ricci who is only 32 debuted her acting career in American Pie’s Beta House and then went on to feature in Aaron Stone, a very popular Canadian series that aired on Disney XD.

Patricia Anne Stratigeas

Popularly known by her stage name Trish Stratus, Stratigeas is a retired WWE wrestler who enjoyed a very successful career that lasted over a decade before retiring. Though Stratigeas was born in the neighboring city of Toronto, she schooled in Richmond Hill before heading back to Toronto for post-secondary education. Stratigeas is one of the most idolized female wrestlers in Canada. After her retirement, Stratigeas opened a very popular yoga studio in Toronto’s suburbs under the name Stratusphere. The Studio has won her many awards and respects both in the business world for being the best eco-friendly yoga studio of its kind in the city.

Other famous people who are affiliated with Richmond Hill City include Connor McDavid, Denis Shapovalov, Mariana Valente, Matthew Teefy, Kathleen Wynne, Dave Barrow, and Christine Peng-Peng Lee among others.