Famous people from Oshawa ON

Town of Oshawa ON rose from humble beginnings to become one of Canada’s most prominent cities in terms of industrialization, economic stability, technology, and culture. The city boasts of being a perfect residential city and a great site for startup businesses which have made it one of the cities with a high employment rate nationwide. Apart from these factors, Oshawa is also credited with being home to a long list of very prominent people through Canada’s history. Below is an overview of some of the city’s famous people and what they are/were known for!

Robert McLaughlin

To begin with, this list wouldn’t feel right without the name Robert McLaughlin on it. McLaughlin was a famous Canadian businessman and industrialist who is credited with the establishment of the Oshawa based General Motors Canada from what was formerly McLaughlin Motor Car Company. Though not born in Oshawa, McLaughlin lived in this beautiful city for a very large part of his adult life up to the time of his death from colon cancer. Today, McLaughlin and his great contributions to the development of Oshawa are remembered and celebrated through the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. His former mansion in Oshawa which features over 50 rooms is preserved as a National Historic Site with all its original furniture and other items.

John Part

Part, dubbed Darth Maple, is a world-renowned professional darts player from Canada. Having come first in three different world dart championships with the last win being in 2008, Part is statistically said to be the greatest darts player from the North American region. Though born in Toronto, Part’s current hometown is Oshawa, Ontario.

Stephen Poloz

Poloz is a 63-year-old banker from Canada who was born in Oshawa. He is currently the holder of one of the most important positions in the Canadian banking industry- Governor of the Bank of Canada, which he took over in 2013.

Shalom Harlow

Moving on to the film world, Shalom Harlow is a prominent Canadian born actress and supermodel from the beautiful city of Oshawa who gained her fame as a fashion icon in the early ’90s and was featured on the cover page of six American Vogue magazine issues between 1993 and 1997.  Harlow has appeared prominently in several TV shows and films in the past and is considered one of the World’s best-paid supermodels according to Forbes.

Others include actor Philip Akin, mixed martial artist Antonio Carvalho, Matthew Hughes, Greg Kean, and Albert W. Tucker among others.