Famous People from North York, ON

North York, ON has been a home for many people who have made headlines internationally due to their success in various fields. Some of the famous people from North York are ice hockey player, politician, musician, actors, and actress, pharmaceutical, among other things. Below are is a list of famous people from North York, ON.

Mel Lastman

Lastman was born back in March 1933 in the beautiful community of North York and was a very successful businessman who doubled up as a politician. Many people who new Mel knew him as Mayor Mel. He got the name Mayor after his tenure as the mayor of area of North York between 1973 and 1997. One of the businesses that Mel Lastman owned is the Bad Boy Furniture where he was the founder. He started from humble beginnings as a simple street vendor selling fruits and vegetables.

Vijayalakshmi Yeedi

Yeedi, commonly known as Rambha, is a renowned Canadian actress who was born in North York. During her career, she has participated directly in more than 100 Indian films. Rambha was born in June 1976. One of the most recent films that she has acted is the Kings of Comedy Juniors, where she took the role of Star Vijay (The Judge).

Barry Sherman

Barry lived between the year 1941 and 2017 and was a renowned philanthropist and a businessman. Barry was mainly known for his time as the CEO of Apotex Incorporation. The man was wealthy such that he featured in Forbes and on Canadian wealth magazine. He served Canadians in a different capacity as he was in charge of numerous charitable organizations. He was originally from North York.

Louis Ferreira

Louis is another famous person who hails from North York. He is an actor with Canadian and Portuguese identity. Many people came to know Louis for his successful role in Stargate Universe where he took the role of Colonel Everett Young. After some years of acting and video production, Louis was named as the winner of the Best Actor Award (1999). In the year 2008, he was nominated for the coveted Gemini award.

Chris Campoli

Chris is a prominent professional hockey player and a member of the national team. He was born in 1984 and has been playing hockey in all his life. He has played for many local professional teams and is currently signed with Stoney Creeks, one of the favorites to win the ACH cup. Chris won several awards between the year 2004 and 2005. He is a remarkable ice hockey player, and many people in Canada recognize his efforts.