Famous people from Aurora ON

Aurora, ON is a rich town that is very popular for its great rural-town charm. The towns boasts of being home to numerous famous people who were either born or raised within the town’s borders and many who have come to settle here due to the towns great reputation. Below is a list of the most famous residents of Aurora Ontario both currently and in the past:

Brian Stemmle

Stemmle is famous but retired Canadian skier who traces his roots to the beautiful town of Aurora. Stemmle, born in 1966, was a part of the spectacular Canadian Alpine Ski group for around 14 years. In 2002, he became an inductee into the nation’s Ski Hall of Fame after representing his country in consecutive Winter Olympic Games starting from 1988. Having won several medals including a silver medal and several bronze medals during his 15-year career, Stemmle is now a renowned television colour commentator working for Rogers Sportsnet. He was CBC’s lead commentator during the 2006 Olympics and also during the 2010 Winter Olympics but this time working with Alpine Skiing.

James Tuck

Tuck, born within the town of Aurora in 1990, is a professional Canadian footballer who plays as a fullback for CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos. During his high school days in Aurora where he attended Cardinal Carter Catholic High School, Tuck’s specialty was hockey since football was not allowed in his school. He only played football after joining the Newmarket Storm in college. He was drafted in 2014.

Frank Stronach

Stronach is a famous Austrian born Canadian politician and businessman who is both a Canadian and Austrian citizen. Stronach whose home is in Aurora is famous for founding Magna International, a nationally recognized supplier of automotive parts. This global supply company has its headquarters in Ontario.  Stronach is considered a very influential politician in his native county, Austria, where he lives partially and is ranked among the top 20 wealthiest Canadians.

Belinda Caroline Stronach

Belinda Stronach is a famous Canadian ex-politician, philanthropist, businesswoman, and daughter of the aforementioned Frank Stronach. She enjoyed a rather successful but short-lived political career before joining her father’s company in Aurora as the executive vice-chairman. She later moved from Magna International to become the president and chairman of Belinda Stronach Foundation which she founded, along with Acasta Capital, The Stronach Group. Once seen as a promising future leader, her political light dwindled after joining the Liberals party from the conservative side just a year after her election as a conservative.