Famous people from Ajax ON

Ajax, ON is one of the most beautiful places in Ontario especially considering its strategic lakeside location and beautiful landscape. With a plethora of attractions and activities to offer, this town has given rise to many popular people whose fame spread far and wide. There are many famous people from Ajax, ON whose contributions and participation in various parts of the society are remarkable. Below is a list of some of the people from area of Ajax  who have made a name for themselves and definitely for the town and its people on both the national and international stage.

Emmett O’Connor

O’Connor is a Canadian professional footballer who was born in the lakeside town of Ajax, ON and went on to become one of the few Canadian-born footballers to ever play in the famous English football system. As a well-accomplished midfielder, O’Connor last played for Crawley Town, a fast-rising member of League One division. Unluckily, O’Connor is currently without a club since his departure from Crawley Town in mid-2015. Nevertheless, he is a celebrated figure in Ajax and an inspiration among many local youths who have their eyes set on professional football.

Derek Cornelius

Cornelius is another accomplished professional Canadian footballer who was born in Ajax town. Currently an indispensable player of the famous Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Canada’s national team, Cornelius has enjoyed a rather successful career so far, having played for several clubs and different countries including Germany and Serbia. Just like O’Connor, Cornelius is a celebrated football icon in Ajax and an inspiration among many football lovers.

Munro Chambers

Chambers is a famous 29-year old actor from Ajax Ontario who has garnered a lot of popularity for his numerous roles, especially in the local movie industry. Chambers featured prominently in Lockwood, The Latest Buzz, Second Jen, and Degrassi among other films.


Boi-1da, born Matthew J. Samuels is a renowned Canadian record producer who works as an OVO Sound’s in-house producers. While working for Drake in Ovo Sound, Boi-1da has rubbed shoulders with prominent music artists including, Drake himself, Eminem, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Nas, Nicki Minaj, and Lana Del Rey among others. Boi-1da was the executive producer of one of Drake’s best-selling mixtapes in 2015. Boi-1da was born in Jamaica but grew up in Ajax, ON.

Others notable residents of Ajax include Jessica Tyler, the famous Kim Phuc, Candace Chapman, Christian Corbet and many others.