Family friendly things to do in Whitby, ON

Whitby town lies in the middle of Ontario province’s Durham region and approximately 47 kilometers to the east of Canada’s largest city-Toronto. Whitby rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most coveted suburban communities in the Greater Toronto Area. The town’s central location gives it an advantage in that all its amenities and those within the neighboring communities are easily accessible from the heart of the town.

Though not a prominent tourist destination, Town of Whitby receives its fair share of occasional visitors who are drawn there by its charm, the rich history & historic structures, beautiful green spaces, friendly weather, and a diverse cultural heritage. The tow has a lot of family-friendly activities which are discussed below:

Reconnect with and enjoy the beauty of nature

If you are a nature lover, the locally popular Lynde Shores Conservation Area offers a perfect place for evening strolls with your family or friends along the waterfront trails. The conservation is a popular nesting area for different species of birds including shorebirds waterfowl which makes it perfect bird lovers too. Apart from the trails, the Conservation also offers additional amenities including picnic and BBQ facilities, a play area for kids and a very spacious car park.

Cool off in a splash pad

If you are visiting Whitby during the summer when daytime temperatures tend to hit the peak, visiting areas like parks that have splash pad are always a great Idea. Whitby town has 15 splash pads all located within parks which means that you not only get to enjoy the cooling effect that they bring but also other park amenities within your park of choice. All splash pads are open for public use throughout the summer. The kids will love playing in the water and so will you!

Go shopping

In the wake of infrastructural development and modernization, shopping has become something you can do online from the convenience of your home, a practice that deprives you of the thrill of manually browsing through various items in a store or the thrill of impulse buying. That said, Whitby has a beautiful shopping scene which features huge malls, wholesalers, retail store, boutiques, and the beauty that is the farmer’s markets. While modern shops offer all the contemporary stuff from electronic gadgets to trendy clothing, Farmers markets offer an unforgettable shopping experience where you can enjoy all sorts of fruits, fresh produces, cooked meals, baked goods, homemade craft items and in some cases live entertainment. Shopping is one of the best ways to explore the town and what it has to offer.