Family-friendly things to do in North York, ON

After you have had a busy week at work, you need to find a way to spend some time with your family and have fun. Several activities can help to strengthen the bond with your family.  If you are a resident of Town of North York Ontario, ON, below are some of the fun things to do with your family:

Ontario Science Centre

One of the most fun places that you can take your kids is the Ontario Science Centre. Here you can watch your kids learn more about the science of real life. There are a lot of educational things that are taught by the guest. The kids get to learn about tornadoes and the heart among other things while still enjoying the many cool scientific exhibitions the facility showcases.

Go for a Picnic in the parks.

North York, ON has several parks which can be a resource and an excellent place to take your family. You can take your kids to the park so that they can watch the birds or even see different types of flowers and indigenous trees. If you have a dog, take it with you as most local parks are “canine-friendly”. If your family is made up of sports enthusiasts, you can participate in several sports that are played in the parks.

Visit the Royal Ontario Museum

The museum was founded back in 1914 making it one of the oldest historic buildings in Canada. There are several things that your family can learn by visiting this facility. One of the obvious things is that they will have to learn more about the history of Canada. The museum has millions of artifacts among many other things which have a rich history. The entry charges into the Royal Ontario Museum are $14 and $20 for kids and adults respectively.

Tour the Hockey Hall of Fame

One of the most celebrated games in Canada is ice hockey.  When you take your kids to visit this facility, they will have a chance to see the most coveted prize (Stanley Cup). Apart from seeing the Stanley cup, your family will have an opportunity to see more variety of exhibitions. The family will also learn more about the different sports that are celebrated in the area. The Hall is open from Monday to Sunday but at different time. The charge for accessing the Hall is only $20.

Black Creek Pioneer Village

When you want to show your family how life was for the pioneers of Canada, the best place to visit is the Black Creek. Here you will learn about the traditional Canadian lifestyle and learn more about the past.  There are several shops like the blacksmith, weaver, among other things that were used in the 18th century. The Adults pay $15 while the kids pay $11.