Family Friendly Things to do in Markham ON

Looking to spend a fun day with the whole family in Town of Markham? There are tons of activities to keep both parents and kids entertained at nearly every part of the city. From painting and art galleries to petting zoos, Markham has different family activities to keep even the youngest member of the family excited about life in the city. Here are some fun-packed things the whole family can enjoy in Markham.

A Day at the Museum

The open-air Markham Museum lets you be part of the city’s long history and prosperous growth. Unlike conventional museums housed in a single building, this museum spans across 30 historic buildings each showing how life was like when it was constructed. There are numerous artefacts on exhibition at the museum. Most of them were excavated in Markham in the late 60s and sometimes, you might be lucky to catch the temporary exhibitions that come to Markham Museum from all over the world. Folks looking to take a break from all of the exploring the gardens around the museum are excellent picnic spots. The museum also has day programs for kids.

Bike at Joyride 150

Is the weather unfriendly for outdoors activities? You don’t have to spend the whole day cooped up in the house. Take the whole family to Joyride 150, an indoor bike park with ramps, lines, and skinnies. There’s even a mountain bike trail that’s almost a kilometer long. There are different areas suitable for different skill levels. There’s even a half pipe if you want to show off a bit. The park is open throughout the week and they serve some of the best pizza in the city.

A Day at the Heritage Railway Station

Another great place to soak in the history of the city is the Markham GO Station. The classic Canadian Railway goes all the way back to 1871, around the same time when the Unionville GO Station was put in place. No trains go through the Markham GO Station. Today, it is a community center, and part of the network of railways such as Locust Hill Station that make up part of Markham Museum.


There are quite a few places to spend your money in Markham and have fun while doing it. The Village Market, Chinese market and Pacific mall are some of the best shopping destinations in the city. With well over 200 family fun stores between these destinations.