Family friendly things to do in Aurora ON

The Town of Aurora is a great weekend getaway destination that offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor family-friendly activities. The Town simply has something for everyone including small kids and adults. If you are visiting Town of Aurora ON for the first time and you need something to do with the kids, below are some things you might want to consider exploring:

Visit the Aurora Community Arboretum

This is a 24-hour park located within Aurora Town that features several family-oriented activities and thing to do including bird watching, hiking, picnicking, and more. There are several playgrounds for kids and a lot of green spaces for hanging out. It a perfect destination for an evening family walk or weekend day out and you can bring some food and enjoy eating in the shaded areas.

Enjoy the many perks of Town Park Aurora

If you are visiting Aurora during the summer, you can’t afford to miss a visit to Town Park Aurora. This 24-hour park features a wide variety of activities especially during the summer season when it hosts a plethora of events and which combined with many amenities which include a giant water feature and several playgrounds and monuments make it one of the most visited parks in Aurora. The Saturday farmers market is also held within the park within the summer time and is a great family shopping destination with a lot of fresh farm products and food products.

Go hiking in Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area

Located along Industry Street, Sheppard’s Bush Conservation is a popular hiking destination featuring simple to medium-difficulty terrain. The conservation features beautiful sceneries with tall trees, small springs, a wide array of bird species and great running trails. There is also a great turf area for picnics.

Take a tour of the Aurora Museum and Archives

Located at 22 Church Street, this Museum cum Archives holds a wealth of history and information about the town and other nearby communities. It a great place to learn about the Town and what it entails and the kids will definitely love a beautiful revelation of Aurora’s past and present.

Elizabeth Hader Park

You are a camping enthusiast and nature lover, Elizabeth Hader Park located at 63 Timpson Drive is a great destination for you and your family. This park offers kids play equipment, great camping areas, great vegetation and more. It is the perfect place to bond with family and enjoy a night under the clear night’s sky.