Elementary Schools Scarborough ON

Scarborough is part of the largest school district districts in Canada. The Toronto District School Board, with a population of more than 280, 000 students, about 100 schools, and five adult education facilities still serves the Town of Scarborough area. Finding an elementary school in the neighborhood shouldn’t be much of a problem if you have the time. There are lots of things to consider such as programs offered by a school, teacher-student-parent relationships, and academic performances to name a few. Not every parent has time to weigh all these factors though. Should you find yourself in search for an elementary school in Scarborough, but with little check out the numerous schools in the neighborhood, here’s a handy list of some of the best elementary schools for your little ones.

St Peter’s Roman Catholic Primary School

One of the many schools under the authority of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, St Peter’s Roman Catholic Primary School has a population of about 300 students. Kids from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade can enroll at the school which is funded by voluntary aid. About 14 teachers are work here, resulting in a healthy student-to-teacher ratio. According to the latest Ofsted inspection, the standard inspection for education, children’s services and skills, St Peter’s Roman Catholic Primary School has one of the best ratings in the district. It is a mixed school with 53% of its pupils being boys and 47% being female. Reading and math skills at the school are well above average, but writing skills are average.

St Barnabas Elementary School

Accepting kindergarten-aged students to eight grade students St Barnabas Elementary School is another popular school in Scarborough. The school focuses on helping students grow in their Catholic faith, master their curriculum, and excel in social relationships. The entire Parish of St Barnabas makes a concerted effort to help learners at the elementary school grow in all these areas. In regards to academic performance, the teachers at the school review their programs often to make sure they meet the diverse needs of their students. They also assign regular homework to junior and intermediate students to instill responsibility and problem-solving skills in learners. They also offer Special Education and English as Second Language programs.

Fleming Public School

Part of the Toronto District School, Fleming Public School, takes pride in its students and excellent public education system. The school aims to foster a relationship with students, their families, and the community in the attempt of creating a diverse population of critical thinkers. Every year, Fleming Public School manages to get in the top 10 of the best performing schools in Toronto.