Elementary schools in Stouffville ON

On top of being an upcoming tourist destination and a coveted residential community, Stouffville, ON boasts of its contemporary schools and educationl facilities and within them are some of the highly rated elementary schools in the entire Whitchurch-Stouffville area. Below is a list of some of the top Town of Stouffville based elementary school:

Oscar Peterson Public School

Located at 850 Hoover Park Drive, Oscar Peterson Public School is one of the best performing schools in Stouffville and has a very competitive curriculum that establishes a balance between class study and extracurricular activities to ensure the students grow to their full potential both physically and academically. The teachers are always very supportive to the students and the kids adore them. Apart from the ultramodern learning facilities, the school has a spacious play area and is located in a very student-friendly environment. Oscar Peterson School enrolls students from kindergarten all the way to the 8th grade.

Ballantrae Public School

Ballantrae Public School, Located at 5632 Aurora Road features an excellent atmosphere for kids to adapt and fit in the new school life. This elementary school has very loving and concerned teachers and support staff. The students discipline is remarkable. As a result, the school produces some of the brightest candidates for middle schools and high schools within Whitchurch-Stouffville town.

Harry Bowes Public School

Talk about the best infrastructure, most qualified teacher and the best performances in the elementary school level and everyone will point at Harry Bowes Public School. The students in this school really love being in school and literally look forward to going to school every morning.

St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School

This is one of the local faith-based elementary schools that have established themselves as leading educational institutions in the community of Stouffville. St. Brigid School is dedicated to bring-up spiritually upright students by incorporating Christian teachings into their curriculum.

Barbara Reid Public School

Located at 130 Hoover Park Drive, Barbara Reid School offers quality education and the teachers are passionate about what they do. Outside academics, the school has very little to show off as their facilities are somewhat outdated and in need of renovations and upgrades. It’s a great school if all you care about is your child’s academic performance.

Other major Stouffville based elementary schools include Wendat Village Public School, Whitchurch Highlands Public School, Royal Cachet Montessori School, and The Progressive Montessory Academy among others.