Elementary schools in Pickering ON

Pickering, being a fast-growing city, boasts of having high performing private and public schools, both within the city boundaries and outside. Below is a list of some of the best elementary schools in Town of Pickering:

St Monica Catholic School

Located at 275 Twyn Rivers Drive, St Monica is a Catholic-run elementary school that boasts of a team of dedicated teachers and support staff, great learning facilities and a great school program that balances between learning and other extracurricular activities to ensure the children achieve all-round development.

Crawford Adventist Academy East Campus

This is another top rated elementary school in Pickering at 1765 Meadowview Avenue. The school has a great administration, passionate teachers, and great support staff.  The school’s curriculum is very engaging and is taught in a holistic manner that helps relate class work to real life. The students in Crawford Academy are always a few steps ahead of their peers in other schools are ahead of their peers in public schools and their French, gym and music classes are outstanding.

Elizabeth B. Phin Public School

Definitely one of the top-rated public elementary schools in Pickering, Elizabeth B. Phin is located at 1500 Rougemount Drive. The school boasts of a very engaging elementary school curriculum, great teachers and overall great faculty.

Saint Wilfrid Catholic School

Located at 2360 Southcott Road is Saint Wilfrid Catholic School, another catholic-run elementary school housed in an ultramodern facility. The school site is quiet and very educational friendly and there is a spacious field with all types of play equipment. The school performance in all major subjects is commendable and the teachers try very hard to offer a personalized education to all their students.

Maple Ridge PS

With its great academic program, great facilities and resources, Maple Ridge PS on Bushmill Street is another reputable public elementary school in the city. They offer quality education and a friendly environment for learning and the teachers are very passionate and dedicated to helping their students achieve their level best.

Other local elementary schools include Father FĂ©nelon Catholic School located at 795 Eyer Drive, Valley Farm Public School located at 1615 Pepperwood Gate, William Dunbar Public School located at 1030 Glenanna Road, Glengrove PS located at 1934 Glengrove Road, Frenchman’s Bay PS located at 920 Oklahoma Drive, Altona Forest Public School located at 405 Woodsmere Crescent and lastly, Sir J.A. MacDonald Public School which is located at 777 Balaton Avenue.