Elementary schools in Oshawa ON

City of Oshawa Ontario, ON has a fast-growing population of school going kids who depend on the local schools for quality education. As such, the city has some of the best public and private schools within the Durham District School Board. Below are some of the city’s most prominent elementary schools:

Jeanne Sauvé Public School

Located along Coldstream Drive, Jeanne Sauvé Public School is a popular establishment dedicated to offering quality public education to the locals. The school enrolls students starting from kindergarten all the way to 8th grade and currently serves a student population a little over 700 students. With the facilities, great staff and a very competitive elementary school curriculum, Jeanne Sauvé Public School is one of the best schools in dating.

College Park Elementary School

This is another top-rated elementary school located north of Townline Road. College Park school dates back to the early-1900 and features a very competitive elementary school curriculum that offers great learning programs and lots of play time. Despite its long-standing history, the school has undergone some major developments over the years to become one of the most coveted educational established on the elementary school level.

Glen Street Public School

Built like a fortress, Glen Street Public School is another elementary school that offers affordable primary education and is dedicated to producing quality graduates who are ready to take on the next challenge which is high school education. The school enrolls students from kindergarten all the way to 8th grade and currently serves around 1000. It boasts of a passionate faculty that really cares about the students and their performances. The school has a very large playground and features a wide variety of co-curricular activities offered here to help the kids play, socialize and grow physically. Its location away from the noise and over-congestion is very ideal for the learning process.

Waverly PS

Next on the list is Waverly PS, a well-established facility located at 100 Waverly Street, South. Though serving just a mere 500 students, the school is one of the oldest and most historic schools in town. The school has doting teachers who love the kid with passion. If you live in Oshawa and you really need a great school for your little ones, you should consider looking into Waverly public school. 

Other noteworthy elementary schools in the city are Kedron Public School, Elementary School Catholic Corpus-Christi, St Joseph Catholic School, Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic School, and Pierre Elliott Trudeau Public School among others.