Elementary Schools in North York, ON

When you choose to live in a certain area, the first thing that you need to consider is the availability of amenities elementally schools included. In Town of North York ON there are many elementally schools which offer excellent services. If you are visiting the North York, ON, here are some of the best elementary schools.

Africentric Alternative School

Africentric Alternative School is one of the best elementally schools in North York, ON and is located along 1430 Sheppard Avenue. The school runs from grade JK to grade 8 and serves a total of 120 students from Toronto school district. The school was started back in 2009 September, looking at school demographics there are more boys than girls, and most of the students are between junior kindergartens to the third grade. The school offers several co-curricular activities and has a good performance.

Gateway Public School

Gateway is a good performing school in North York located along 55 Gateway Boulevard. The schools are open for pupils starting the junior kindergarten to the 6th grade. The school can be classified as a multicultural school as the students come across all the divisions. The school has a population of 900 pupils where most of the students are below grade 3. The students are treated with high respect and safety of your kids is one of their priorities.

Three Valleys Public School

Three valleys are located along the 76 Three Valleys drive and have a population of about 234 students. The students to teacher ratio are 16 to 1, meaning the teachers can reach all the students. The schools are well diversified as there are more than 20 languages. The schools offer extracurricular activities like basketball, arts, music, clubs, and athletics, among others. The school fees are affordable, and the school performs beyond the expectation.

 Harrison Public School

Harrison is an excellent public school located at 81 Harrison Road and serves more than 200 students. The teacher to pupil ratio is 1 to 15, meaning every teacher serves about 15 pupils. The students attending this school come from different nationalities, with only 67% born in Canada. The schools are open for kids who are below grade 6. At Harrison Public School they offer transport, you are sure that your kid will have fun when going to school or from school. In kindergarten, students will have a chance to learn social skills, build skills, and also get mathematical and counting skills.