Elementary Schools in Newmarket, ON

City of Newmarket Ontario is a beautiful suburban community that serves as the seat and center of operations for the regional municipality of York.  Newmarket, ON is one of the most livable communities in Canada according to several journals thanks to its many public amenities including parks, daycares, and recreational centers more. The town is also home to a well-established education system that caters to the growing population of families with school-going children within and outside the town. Below are some of the Newmarket-based elementary schools:

Stonehaven Elementary School

Located at 875 Stonehaven Avenue, Stonehaven Elementary School is one of the leading public elementary schools in the York Region. The school has modern amenities and facilities including classrooms, playing fields and learning materials. The school operates under the York Region district school board and currently serves a little-below 500 students.

St. Nicholas Catholic Elementary School

This is a catholic run elementary school which is located at 480 Keith Avenue and serves over 500 students from Kindergarten and 8th grade. The school boasts of being one of the best performers within the local catholic school board thanks to a team of dedicated teachers and the curriculum that fosters discipline and learning through religious teachings. The school facilities are modernized and very ideal for a healthy leaning process.

AIS Montessori & Elementary School

If you prefer approaching learning from a different angle, Montessori learning is the way to go. AIS Montessori & Elementary School is a private school in Newmarket and one of the few Montessori-based learning institutions in the York Region. The school is located at 415 Pickering Crescent and considered one of the best elementary schools in the town in terms of performance, discipline and extracurricular activities.

Terry Fox Public School

Next is Terry Fox Public School, a well-established public elementary school that has been around for many decades and is dedicated to producing the best high school-ready graduates every year. The school is run by a team of very professional staff members who are passionate about helping the students reach their potential through hard work. The school’s curriculum is well-crafted to include a plethora of sports and other exact-curriculum activities to help with the development and growth of students outside class.

Other notable elementary schools in Newmarket town include St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Elementary School, Rogers Public School, Clearmeadow Public School, and Alexander Muir Public School among others.