Elementary schools in Aurora ON

With its popularity as a perfect family residential destination, Aurora, ON is home to a plethora of Elementary schools and other more advanced educational institutions that are aimed at offering high-quality education to the locals. The local school system is highly dominated by private schools especially at the elementary level with only a handful of public schools. Below are the most popular elementary schools in Aurora, ON:

Holy Spirit Elementary School

Located at 315 Stone Road, Holy Spirit Elementary is one of the most popular elementary schools in Aurora with an above average performance in most of their studies and a lot of extracurricular activities. The students are very friendly and social in a good way and the teachers put in a lot of efforts into their work. The only few shortcomings with Holy Spirit Elementary is that the establishment is regrettably small in size and can only hold a limited number of students. Also, some of their books and other learning materials are somewhat old and in some cases, outdated and limited.

Hartman Public School

Hartman is a public school located at 130 River Ridge Boulevard that boasts of a comprehensive elementary level curriculum with a balance between studies and educational oriented activities and extracurricular activities. The programs also cater to students with special needs regardless of their background. Hartman School features spacious classrooms and other facilities and it’s one of the largest and highest performing elementary schools in the town. Enrollment starts from kindergarten all the way to 8th grade.

Aurora Montessori School

Probably one of the most beautifully set academic institution in Aurora; Aurora Montessori School is located at 330 Industrial Pkwy N. For one, the school has some ultramodern facilities and structures that give it a home-like appearance and the landscape is just delightful. The school produces some of the most perfected graduates who end enrolling with some of the most prestigious high schools and tertiary institutions in the area. The great passion and dedication portrayed by the teachers combined with the personalized teaching styles make Aurora Montessori School one of a kind.

Devins Drive Public School

Located 70 Devins Drive, Devins Drive Public School boast of being a popular learning institution located in a serene and learning-friendly environment. The school’s curriculum is very comprehensive and specially crafted to ensure the students get the most out of the system both academically and in the extra-curricular activities. It one of the town’s top performers.