Demographics Scarborough ON

The majority of residents in City of Scarborough Ontario are foreign-born, most of them having immigrated in the last four decades. Non-Caucasian residents, other than aboriginals, make up 64% of the neighborhood’s population. Half of the more than 625, 000 residents living here are foreigners, which can only mean one thing. Scarborough is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Scarborough. The community is a melting pot of cultures and religions from all over the world.

A large part of the population is from Asia, with Chinese and South Asian communities making up for more than 41% of the population. Black and Hispanic communities account for 10% and 6% of the Scarborough population respectively.
Perhaps the oldest immigrant community in Scarborough is the Chinese Canadians. They established a community in the Greater Toronto area in the 1870s when the first two Chinese laundry shop owners moved into the metropolis.

The number of Chinese Canadians remained relatively small before the 1960s. After Canada changed her immigration laws in the decades following the 1960s, and the political upheaval in Hong Kong, more Chinese immigrants came to Scarborough. The Vietnam War also saw more migrants from South Asia settling in the region with an estimated 50,000 Vietnamese immigrants living in Scarborough and surrounding areas. Only three other cities, Markham, Richmond, and British Columbia have more than half of their population foreign-born. With their soaring numbers, the Chinese Canadians established large shopping centers in Scarborough catering to the needs of their community. That’s why there are lots of Chinese shops and stores in Old Toronto and Scarborough stocking Chinese brands.

Scarborough started as an agricultural center, and the northern corner of the neighborhood still has most of the original farms, most residents work in Toronto. Most of the residents work in the manufacturing sector and the scientific and technical services. Some of the notable employers in the neighborhood include Teva Canada, Toyota Canada, and President’s Choice Financial. The average income of residents is about CAD40,000 and houses tend to go for about CAD340,000. For that price, you get into a neighborhood you get to join one of the safest areas in Toronto.

Scarborough’s crime rate is relatively low with a proportion of violent crimes in the area being less than 20% of all reported crimes. Residents get to enjoy some of the most amiable public amenities in Toronto. The Toronto Zoo on Rougue River Valley and Rougue Park are favorite spots for Scarborough families. They also have one of the best education systems in the Greater Toronto region.