Demographics of Pickering ON

The beautiful waterfront City Of Pickering ON, ideally located between Port Whitby Marina on one side and the famous Downtown area of Toronto on the other end, has a population of around 95,000 residents who delightfully enjoy life on the scenic shores of the locally famed Lake Ontario. With the numerous Waterfront Trails running along the lakefront end, and the well-maintained wetlands and conservations in the area, the city’s residents and visitors are provided with some outstanding recreation opportunities and exceptional scenery. Additionally, this low-key holiday destination has some fantastic modern infrastructure that any community would take pride in.

Pickering experienced rapid growth in the second half of the twentieth century after the war had ended. The Capital city, Toronto, experienced its own share of growth and development during this period and this led to a major migration out of the Capital as people searched for livable suburban communities within Pickering and other nearby towns. In a period of 5 years beginning 1996, Pickering recorded a 10.3% growth rate in population which saw the local population rise from around 79,000 people to over 87,000. Population growth has been tamed considerably in recent years through major development restrictions with the only slightly major growth being recorded within the last one and a half decades. With negotiations in place to drop this restriction, the designated urban community of Pickering, ON is estimated to have a massive population of around 190,000 residents.

Pickering’s economy is also a source of envy from many nearby metropolises. The City boasts of a mere unemployment rate of less than 5% which was below the Canadian average, thanks to the Ontario Power Generation plant. Other employments opportunities in the area in the area include manufacturing and construction, business services, and Retail among others. Just like most other municipalities within the Durham Region, all forms of employment research should go through the Pickering’s Business Directory for convenience purposes.

The joint Pickering/Ajax Transit Authority runs the show in the Public Transport sector and collaborates with GO Transit, Toronto Transit Commission, Oshawa Transit, and Whitby Transit in order to maintain a sane and comprehensive transport network. Likewise, the Healthcare and Schools are governed by the Durham Region Health service and Durham Region school boards respectively.

Pickering, ON is considered a hot spot for young families and working class people as the majority of the population, 79% to be exact, is made up of people aged 45 and below, a figure that brings the median age to around 35 years.

The 2016 Census recorded English as city’s most spoken language and mother tongue of over 76% of the locals while the rest of the languages were distributed as follows: Italian (1.3%), Urdu (2.4%), Tamil (1.6%), Tagalog (1.7%), and Farsi (1.3%).

The average income per household is said to be over $80,000, while the average price of buying a home in the City is around $270,000.