Demographics of North York, ON

North York, ON has a rich cultural diversity as it accommodates people and families across all the divides. According to the 2011 census, it was found that the population was about 655,913. Further, in 2016, the statistics have it that about 58% of the total population in Town of North York, ON was not born in Canada. The Chinese take about 13% of the population, Blacks takes 10%, Asians takes 9%, American 4%, and Koreans take 3%.  As it is evident, the area is occupied by people of different culture and traditions.

When you take the population distribution in terms of male and female, you find that there are many females than the male with a ratio of 51:49.  Most people in North York fall within the median age of 39.8. Between the year 2011 and the year 2016, it was approximated that the population growth rate was 3.6%, which was lower than Toronto, which grew with 4.8%. In every one hectare, there are about 42 inhabitants which translates to a population density of 42 people per ha.

By categorizing the population using the age groups, we find that the majority of the population lies between 25 and 44 years at 28 percent, followed closely by age groups between 45 and 64 at 27 percent. Those with more than 65 years take up 17 percent of the entire population while those under 18 years take a whopping 16 percent. Youths between 19 and 24 years make up 13 percent of the total population. Going by this data, we find that the dependency ratio stands at 62 percent. Sixty-two heads are depending on 100 working-age persons.

In North York, ON there are about 269180 households which were an increase of 4.3% from the 2011 census. When it comes to housing, we find that about 48% of the families live in 5-plis storey buildings, while 12% lives in a house with less than five storeys. 3% lives in a duplex, 5% lives in Row houses, 6% lives in semi-detached structures while 26% live in single-family homes. Majority of the households own their house while only 47 % rents.

In every household, statistical data have it that there are 2.54 people. The homes that have one person inhabitant stand at 28%, those with two inhabitants stand at 29%, while those with three inhabitants stand at 17%. Homes with more than four inhabitants stand at 25%. The family composition, married couple with children, is 47%, coupled with no children is 32%, and separated parents with kids are 21%.  45% of the people in North York speak English as one of their main languages, with those speaking French taking up 1%. Other dialects take up a whopping 54%.