Demographics of Ajax ON

The scenic lakeside Town of Ajax ON is a very actively growing part of the GTA and is roughly 25 kilometers to the east of Toronto City. It has a population of around 120,000 people and got its name from the legendary HMS Ajax warship which served and worn many important battles for the British during the Second World War. Before the war which became the source its name and status as a town, the area was just an undeveloped rural community in what was the Pickering village.

When the war started, this area was chosen as the construction site for a giant ammunition shells factory. The factory is said to have been very successful, having filled over 40,000,000 shells by the end of the war. Consequently, around 9000 people had moved into the area to work in the factory and their settlement around the facility gave rise to the town. After the war, the town continued to grow and the former factory building was turned into an engineering campus for Toronto University with most of its students being young discharged soldiers. The first graduation was in 1949 and had a record 7,000 engineering graduates. It was after this education facility was moved away from Ajax the plans to develop the town as a planned community were implemented.

Today, Ajax, Ontario is a fast growing community with a fast growing population which was recorded to have increased by a little over 20% during the 2016 census. Around 35,000 people own their own homes while the remaining population living in rented properties. The community is mainly made up of the young generation having 36.2 years as the median age with only around 8% of the people being 65 years or older.

Moving on to the racial make-up, Whites dominate the local population at 52.5% followed closely by African American people at 16% then the South Asian people at 13.8%. The rest of the population is distributed irregularly among the other races which are Southeast Asians, East Asian people, West Asian tribes, Arabs, Latin Americans, and finally, the Aboriginal people who account for less the 2 % of the entire population.

When it comes to the education sector, at least 67% of adults are college/university graduates, 26% are high school graduates and only a mere 7% have no form of educational certification whatsoever. Unemployment in Ajax town stands at 8.7%, 0.4% higher than Ontario’s unemployment rate and 0.9% higher than that of Canada.

To conclude, Ajax tow has a high cost of living when compared to that of the entire nation and Ontario as well, but slightly lower that of the Greater Toronto Area which the town is literally a subset of.