Daycares Scarborough ON

With most employment opportunities moving out of City of Scarborough ON, the old John Mansville plant in Centennial is now townhomes, more and more parents have to take a longer commute to find viable employment. That means either driving beyond the downtown area or making a 30-minute bus trip to work. What does that mean to the typical Scarborough family? For one, kids and parents have to spend more time apart. That’s not a desirable outcome for parents looking to provide a stable and healthy environment for their young families. Luckily, you don’t have to give up your career to be there for your kids. The many daycare centers in and around Scarborough can offer a stable and healthy environment every growing child wants. Here are some of the best daycare facilities according to Scarborough residents.

Good Shepherd Day Care

Located on Birchmount Road in Scarborough, Good Shepherd Day Care is one of the highest rated centers in the neighborhood. They have everything your growing child needs. From fresh and healthy meals to tons of fun and educational activities, Good Shepherd is a home away from home. It is a church-run center with an emphasis on personal and social growth. They accept kids as young as six months. The caregivers here are attentive to the needs of all of their charges, which is relatively easy to do owing to the exclusive nature of the center. You’ll have to book a spot and wait for a couple of months before gaining admission.

Precious Gems Christian Home Daycare

Another church-operated daycare center, Precious Gems Christian Home provides the diverse Scarborough population with facility kids can feel at home. While focused on bringing out the virtue of all their charges, caregivers here know the majority of their clients come from a non-Christian background. They strive to provide a seamless experience to all kids, regardless of their religion. Precious Gems is on Scarborough’s Dunsfold Drive. Most residents usually pass by the center on their way to work, making it one of the more convenient choices for residents. They have limited vacancies every year, so book a spot as early as you can. They take children as young as three months, offering nutritious meals, fun activities, and a strong educational foundation.

Creative Kids Home Daycare

Creative Kids on Lawrence Avenue E in Scarborough is another popular choice for parents in the neighborhood. They have everything a growing child needs and offer the convenience working parents need to support their growing families.