Daycares Markham ON

If you’ve ever been in the child-care trenches, then you have an idea of why it is absolutely vital to pick the right care partner. Getting the right daycare center for your bundle of joy could mean the difference between normal development and delayed development. City of Markham has tons of daycare centers, each advertising why it is the best option. Since you know better than taking the word of a stranger at face value, here’s a list of some of the best daycare facilities according to residents in the city. The daycares have gone through rigorous tests from numerous parents who found them to be just what they needed. Hopefully, you’ll also find an ideal daycare for your little ones in the list.

Kids & Company

Kids & Company, located along Yonge Street comes highly recommended by parents in Markham. They tick all the right boxes. You’ll find caregivers at the center on the floor playing with kids or holding them in their laps. They are also committed and once they take on a charge, they’ll provide consistent and predictable care until they can attend school. The continuous care afforded by the staff here is vital to helping kids develop a secure attachment to their caregivers and gives them a sense of human relationships. That’s where Kids & Company excels. Every child under their care can’t wait to get to the center and be with caregivers and other children. What’s more, the center gives parents daily updates on bowel movements, sleep, and educational activities, as well as what your kid enjoys to do while there.

Rudy Bratty YMCA Center

Located along in Unionville, Rudy Bratty YMCA Center is one of the most accessible daycare facilities in Markham. Although it is not your typical care facility, the YMCA Center is good for summer camps and sporting equipment. The gym at the facility also makes an excellent after-school stop where your kid can go and pick up a few karate moves. The caregivers and volunteers at the center are extremely friendly and good with kids of all ages. Rudy Bratty YMCA Center is perfect for older kids, and you typically spend little compared for full-fledged daycare centers.

Learning Jungle School-Greensborough Campus

Your one-stop shop for daycare, summer camps, and preschool care, the Learning Jungle School-Greensborough Campus will fit any family. They accept kids as young as 6 months old and offer tons of educational and fun activities. The caregivers are very friendly and take part in all activities attended by children under the care. The entire campus looks like a giant playground and that’s probably why every child looks forward to the next day at the Learning Jungle School.