Daycares in Whitby, ON

Socialization of a child under the age of three will scream, grab, and live in the moment. The good news is that at around three years of age a child starts to settle down and becomes increasingly reasonable. He is finally more accepting of limits and easier to live with.

With toddlerhood behind him, a child is ready for more formal play experiences with children his own age on a daily basis. Whereas he might have been king of the mountain in his own backyard, he can now start working within a group. Sharing, negotiating, and empathizing become part of his social skills. He learns to trust adults outside his home.

When looking for a daycare in City of Whitby ON, it’s crucial to find one your family feels comfortable with. You want a daycare center that’s consistent with your home environment. For those parents who have already selected daycare for their child at an earlier age, this principle is always worth reviewing. For example, if you are low-key and don’t place much emphasis on structured activities, you’ll probably be happier with a liberal establishment where the child has more of a say in planning her day. If you are a very formal and highly organized person, you may prefer the more teacher-directed activities found in a traditional school.

An honest discussion of what you expect from the preschool or daycare center in Whitby town and your own introspection about your past experience as a student will help you clarify your feelings when you choose. But whether parents choose a traditional or liberal daycare, the environment should be one that is warm and nurturing, where the child comes first and the parents are welcomed. When you make the rounds, be sure to visit the classrooms. It is most important to get a feel for the school or center and its atmosphere. You can only achieve this by observing a class in progress. It’s also important to meet the director because she sets the overall tone and you should feel comfortable with her or him.

Some of the top-rated child daycare centers in the town of Whitby include Read-A-Long Nursery Day Care on Thickson Road, Home Daycare on Shenandoah Drive, Perry House Child Care Services on  Perry Street, Helping Hands Daycare on Anderson Street, Fairy Glen Day Care Centre on Crawforth Street and Durham Montessori School & Daycare on Byron Street.