Daycares in Stouffville ON

With the current ever-fluctuating economy in City of Stouffville Ontario, ON and the country at large, it’s common to find both parents working in a combined effort to make ends meet. As such, it is no surprise to find new mothers working. To do this, however, there needs to be someone qualified to take care of the little ones and this is where the local daycare facilities come into play. Daycares, though underrated by many parents, can actually be a good option if you conduct proper research and find one that suits your needs.

While these facilities tend to operate differently, they can contribute a lot in the child’s growth and development rather than keep the child staring at a TV screen all day long as was the case in traditional home-based daycares. Modern daycares are learning centers of sorts that will help your child learn new things and develop social bonds with other children. In other words, a good daycare center in Stouffville will give your little one a head start in all aspects of life.

These facilities also feature fully equipped play areas for kids to ensure that the learning and socialization process is complemented by accompanied by enough recreation and play time for physical growth. Enough exercises will help their bodies and minds grow and develop as required. Below are some of the top-rated daycare centers in Stouffville, ON and what they have to offer:

Tiny Amigos Daycare

Located at 21 Ringwood Drive, Tiny Amigos Daycare is a leading childcare center in Stouffville that operates on weekdays only from 6:30 am to 6 pm. The teachers and other members of the staff are very friendly and organized and the kids love them. The facility features open classroom spaces and is always tidy and safe especially for the kids who tend to be very sensitive to their surroundings.

Stouffville Village Child Care

This is another highly praised child care center located at 6601 Main Street. This is by far one of Stouffville’s largest daycare facilities and is run by a team of friendly and trained staff members who literally abide by the set rules and regulations. The facility prioritizes on cleanliness and child safety and features a lot of activities that are aimed at boosting the developmental needs of the children. Also, the caregivers concentrate more on the individual needs of each child rather than generalizing everything; this ensures that both the kids and the parents are satisfied with the level and quality of services.