Daycares in Pickering ON

Parents choose the services of professional daycare service providers for different reasons. For most people, working is the only mode of survival and as such, they need a safe place that will offer affordable but quality childcare. For others, spending hour and hours on end with a young one can prove to be quite overwhelming or they simply can’t stand it. For others, it’s because they want their child to socialize and engage with other kids which might be pretty much impossible at home.

If you live within City of Pickering Ontario, ON and you are struggling with having to take care of your small child and still work to get make ends meet, you are not alone. However, you should know that most parents within the city opt to put their kids under the guardianship of local daycare centers which have proven to offer a conducive environment for the overall growth and development of small kids. Below are some of the top-rated daycare centers in Pickering, ON.

Bridges Kinder Connection Day Care

This is a great daycare facility located at 1066 Dunbarton Road that runs from 6:45 am to 6 pm strictly on weekdays. The facility offers a wide spectrum of individual growth opportunities in a safe and caring setting. Bridges Kinder Connection Day Care offers daily programs designed to foster physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. The Daycare accepts both infants and 1 to 4-year-old kids and is run by a team of dedicated teachers and caregivers.

Helping Hands Day Care

This is a one-of-a-kind daycare center located at 734 Kingston Road that offers personalized care especially when it comes to kids that need special attention or some form of dietary restrictions. The staff members are very caring and treat all the kids as if they were their own. They use an app to update every parent about the progress of their kids every now and then. The facility is also a very vocal champion of diversity and multiculturalism which gives parents from different cultural backgrounds an easy time knowing their children are in good hands at all times. Helping Hands Day Care is located at 734 Kingston Road.

Schoolhouse Playcare Centres of Durham

This a modern daycare facility that features a great outdoor space with rubber floors and great play equipment including a sandbox, spacious rooms, and a conducive learning atmosphere. The facility offers flexible part-time care and the rates are very affordable.