Daycares in Oshawa ON

Daycares are very important facilities that help both parents and small kids become somehow independent in different ways. For the parents, daycares are reliable places where they can leave their kids in order to take care of other important things like working or running errands or simply resting. For the children, daycares enable then socialize and become independent, something they may not get at home especially if they have no siblings. Below are some of the top-rated daycares in City of Oshawa ON, their locations and what they have to offer:

EDUKids Child Care Centres-Oshawa

Edukids center is located at 15 Harmony Rd N in the heart of Oshawa and is one of the most loved daycare centers in the city. It offers a child-tailored program for the kid’s. They spacious brightly colored classes and playrooms fitted with the latest kids learning and play equipment. The facility also features spacious playgrounds, great meals, and a team of professional staff and educators. The daycare services are offered from Monday till Friday with the programs starting at 6 am till 6 pm.

Park Child Care Centre

Second on the list is Park Child Care Centre, another adored child daycare facility in Oshawa. Located along Park Road, the facility accepts children between 1 year and 12 years which is the perfect age for their learning oriented program. Though not very spacious, Park Child Care Centre is one of the most prominent and most reliable daycare centers in the city.

Evangel Daycare

Located at 374 Farewell Street, Evangel Daycare is a reputable child care facility that features a homey and safe space for kids learn, grow and develop. It offers great personalized care for all kids and is open on weekdays for 12 hours starting from 6 am. They have a team of very caring and very professional staff members and child educators who are very experienced in the art of childcare.

Happy Tots Day Nursery

The Happy Tots Day Nursery is a well-established childcare center located in a laid back environment at 606 Cartier Avenue. The daycare is certified and offers personalized child care services and the staff is very friendly, to say the least.

If you are having a hard time deciding where to leave your kids, Oshawa based daycares are some of the most reliable daycare facilities and all you need to do is find one that is not only located near you but one that offers everything your kid needs. It is worth noting that choosing a daycare depending on the price will lead to an uninformed decision so you should steer off that lane.