Daycares in Ajax ON

Some parents don’t know where to begin their search for quality daycare in Ajax, ON while others don’t even know how to differentiate between an average child care program and a high-quality child care program. There are so many daycare options available to locals and it’s only a matter of finding one that meets the needs of your child(ren). Admittedly, the options may be overwhelming.

There are some things to consider when looking over a daycare center for your child. The first thing you want to be sure of is the daycare certification. Does the daycare have the proper credentials to cover them as a daycare facility? Is their staff properly trained to deal with children of all types, even special needs children? You want to ask to see their certifications and achievements so you know the status of the center. Below are some of the top-rated daycare centers in City of Ajax Ontario:

Better Beginnings Daycare & Preschool

Located at 115 Delaney Drive within Ajax town is Better Beginnings Daycare & Preschool, a leading daycare center in the town. The facility opens from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm and is run by a team of dedicated teachers, caregivers and support staff who are all determined to create an environment where the kids can grow healthily, learn and socialize. The daycare enrolls infants and kids within the pre-kindergarten age.

Tender Years Childcare

Tender Years is another coveted daycare center in Ajax tow that offers personalized childcare services to all its clients. The facility is located 338 Rossland Rd E and features modern learning and play equipment for kids. The facility is spacious and well-staffed with doting teachers and other staff members who have made the place a success since its establishment.

Helping Hands Daycare

Located at 60 Ashbury Boulevard just off the coast of Lake Ontario is Helping Hands Daycare, a well-established child care facility that boasts of having the best infrastructure in town. The daycare has a spacious porch for strollers and vast parking area and features modern leaning and playing facilities for kids. The center features a very interesting program for the kids designed to keep them happy and active all day long.

Other local daycare centers that are worth looking into include the newly established Better Beginnings Daycare, Learning Jungle Duffin’s Bay Daycare, Schoolhouse Playcare Centre, Elephant Room daycare, EduKids Child Care Centre, Wee Watch Daycare Center, and Smart Start Learning Centre among others.