Daycare North York, ON

For every busy mum, the need for a daycare cannot be overlooked.  When you are working with your work, you will need to be sure to leave your loved one to secure plays. Daycare is the best place to leave our kids as they are responsible and obligated by the law of the land. Apart from keeping your kids safe the daycare in City of North York Ontario, ON, teaches your kids about the shapes, colors and let them develop cognitive and counting skills. Here are some of the best daycares in North York, ON:

Willowbrae Childcare Academy

Willowbrae is one of the top-rated childcare within the proximity of North York, ON. It is located along 240 Duncan Mill Road, and it is open from 7 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. The childcare facility was started back in 2009 and is owned and managed by Nadia who holds an ECD degree from Humbler College. The childcare separates the kids according to their age and gives them the relevant training. Since the manager, Nadia has more than 15 years dealing with the children; she has an active program that ensures your kid learn something new every day. There are large room ad have used high technology to ensure the security of your kids.

Toronto Woods Daycare

Woods Daycare is another good daycare that offers excellent services and has a vast field and classrooms. The daycare is open from 7.00am and closed at 6.00pm and takes kids from the age of 6 months and 5 years. If you have a fixed schedule, you can arrange with the management. The facility was founded back in 2012 by Salima V, who has more than 25 years dealing with young ones. They are certified and treat every kid uniquely to ensure that they give them the best.

YMCA Centre

YMCA Centre is an excellent daycare which takes care of your kid like it’s their own. The daycare has experienced and highly trained teachers and childcare supervisor to ensure that your kid is on the right hands. YMCA also has large rooms and teaches your kid to develop counting and cognitive skills. The center is open very early in the morning and closes late nights, which makes it more suitable for a mother who works until rate hours.

Kids & Company

Kids & Company is good Childcare, daycare, and preschool, which is located at 5650 Yonge Street. The daycare is accessible from Monday to Friday starting at 6.30 am to 6.00pm. The charges are pocket-friendly, and the services are of high quality. When you request a quote, you will get the feedback within a day and 100% response.