Coffee shops in Whitby, ON

Whitby, ON is home to numerous high-profile restaurants that offer commendable services and great food varieties to the locals. The town is also home to a growing number of Coffee shops which happen to be very popular hangout joints for most of the town’s residents. Below is a list of some of the best coffee shops in town:

Caffeine Cylinders Cafe

This cozy and inviting coffee shop is located at 106 Victoria Street and opens from 11 am to 7 pm daily. Caffeine Cylinders Cafe offers the best coffee in town and their reputation has spread far beyond this beautiful waterfront town. This joint is worth a visit as it offers a relaxing atmosphere and the attendants are always at your disposal. The place is lightly but neatly decorated which makes it a perfect space for relaxing with friends. In addition to coffee, they have freshly baked goods and a small selection of light eats. Their prices are very pocket-friendly and they have gift cards for their regular customers.

Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery

Since 2006, Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery has been a real gem in serving the residents of City of Whitby with the best coffee varieties. Their coffee is carefully roasted and ground maintaining its natural taste and color. This contemporary coffee shop that opens from 7 am to 10 pm is perfectly located at 16 Winchester Road making it easily accessible and perfect for quick coffee runs. They also offer a variety of baked goods and free Wi-Fi and you get to watch your favorite television program on the cafes plasma TV. There are two other Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery joints within Whitby which offers the same services and prices.


Just like in most town and cities around the world, Starbucks is among the most famous coffee shop worldwide and this is no different in Whitby. There are around five Starbucks coffee shops spread out through Whitby, ON which open from 6 am to 10 pm and serve a variety of uniquely flavored coffee in comfortable digs. These modern coffee shops are dedicated to offering only the best services to their customers and their baked goods are always tasty and freshly prepared. They have good books, WIFI, and music for entertainment plus an online mobile application platform through which you can make orders for quick deliveries within Whitby town.

3 Steps Up Coffee House Inc.

Located at  605 Brock St N, 3 Steps Up Coffee House Inc. is a fine coffee shop that serves freshly prepared coffee and desserts at affordable prices. The joint prides itself in being one of the best in town and servers over 100 royal customers every day.

Other top coffee shops in Whitby that are worth checking out include Cupcake Junkie Bakery & Cafe, Brock St. Espresso, Centre Cafe, Country Style, and Cork & Bean.