Coffee shops in Stouffville ON

There are so many things to love in Stouffville, ON which includes parks, great family fun destinations, magnificent golf courses, beautiful neighborhoods, and great restaurants. City of Stouffville ON is a community that is simply very hard not to love. For some people, their love for Stouffville comes directly from the local coffee shops that offer the best flavored coffee in town. Below are some of the best coffee shops in the area:

Coffee Tea Express

To begin with, Coffee Tea Express is not just your regular coffee joint-it’s more of a coffee store selling a wide variety of coffees, teas, hot chocolate, and juice and there is a second section for vapes. Strategically located at 6316 Main Street, Coffee Tea Express brings the locals a perfect solution to all their coffee and tea needs-you can never run out of options.

Velvet Sunrise Coffee Roasters

Located at 100 Ringwood Dr #8, Velvet Sunrise Coffee Roasters is another unique coffee shop and coffee beans seller within Stouffville. The shop specializes in roasting coffee beans and preparing the tastiest coffee type in town. Whether you need some professionally roasted coffee beans for home use or you’re just in need of a cup of your favorite coffee, Velvet Sunrise is the place to go. You simply can’t get enough of Velvet Sunrise with their incredible selection of quality coffee from all over the world, great prices and tasting options.

Red Bulb Espresso Bar

This is a top-rated coffee shop located at 6148 Main Street that features a wide selection of homemade coffee and the best Espressos Coffee in town. Not only does Red Bulb Espresso Bar have a wide selection of imported coffees, but it is also one of the best bakeries in Stouffville and offers an equally wide variety of baked goods to go with the coffee. The seating area is quite spacious but there are only a few chairs including on the outdoor sitting area that overlooks the streets. However, the atmosphere is relaxed and perfect for studying and the prices are always friendly.

Other major coffee joints in Stouffville include the famous Starbucks which has four or five shops within Souffville, Maple Teahouse and Bake Shop, Coffee Time, Tim Hortons and For The Love Of Jo among others. These cafes offer professionally prepare coffee in a variety of flavors from various parts of the world and their services are commendably good to the point that it’s even hard to pick a favorite among them.