Coffee shops in Ajax ON

A cup of nicely flavored coffee may just be what you need to keep yourself strong and rejuvenated throughout the day. Different people have different tastes and flavors all of which have gained popularity all over the globe. Ajax, ON has some of the choicest coffee houses in Ontario all selling tasty cups of coffee prepared from freshly roasted coffee beans. Below are some of the top-rated coffee shops in City of Ajax:


With over five locations within the town of Ajax alone, Starbucks is one of the most loved coffee houses in town. The Starbucks coffee houses in Ajax, just like millions of its other branches around the globe, offer professionally prepared coffee drinks accompanied by light roasts and baked good. There is also plenty of sitting spaces and working areas and the WIFI is free so you can bring your PC. Some of the locations of the Ajax-based Starbucks coffee houses include Durham Centre at 90 Kingston Rd E, 15 Westney Rd Pad 24, 1 Rossland Rd E, and 5 Rossland Rd E.

Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery

This is another coffee shop in Ajax located at 60 Salem Road South that offers tasty coffee drinks according to your preference. They also serve a wide variety of other drinks, light foods, and baked goods in a cozy space featuring contemporary furniture and wall decor. All orders are processed at the counter so you have to wait a minute or two for your turn.

Glaze Cafe Pottery Painting

Ever thought of having coffee in a unique but comfy room where you can sip your drink and indulge in pottery painting while still listening to soft rocking music in the background? Well, if this idea sounds appealing to you, Glaze Cafe Pottery Painting located at 109 Old Kingston Road is where you need to be. This ultramodern coffee cafe offers all the above thing and also serves wine/beer. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy your drink while doing something you like. You can also hold a party here and all you have to do is make the reservation with the owner.

Jolie Café

Last on the list is Jolie Café, a small modern coffee cafe located at 94 Harwood Avenue that serves coffee and snacks in a brightly lit space. They also offer organic coffee and teas and their prices are very friendly.

Other top coffee joints include Harwood Blues Bar & Coffee House, Panera Bread, Hollywood Donuts, Cross Country Donuts, and Nova Era Bakery.