Coffee Locations Markham ON

You’ll need to keep your energy levels up in the tech-hub of Canada. Working folks especially need to stay alert throughout the day, and luckily for them, there are coffee shops all over the city. You’ll not like all of them, and you might have to try out a few locations before you find a coffee shop you want. To make your work a bit easier, and get you that cup of coffee as soon as possible, here are some of the best coffee shops in the city.

Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy Coffee is one of the most popular breakfasts and brunch locations in the city. Located close to Highway 7 in Unionville, it is also one of the most accessible coffee shops in Markham Ontario. Their chicken and waffles are the most popular dishes and cost less than $20, a bargain for most residents working around the Unionville area. They serve coffee by the gallon, which makes it a fantastic place to get some work done or hanging out with friends after a long day. In the morning, you’ll want to get in early and avoid the brunch rush at around noon, even though the shop is large enough to sit a dozen people. There’s no waiter service, so you have to take your order from the counter. They don’t have outdoor seating, but you get free Wi-Fi and ample parking space.

Duo Patisserie & Café

Duo café has served coffee and pastries for years to an ever-increasing number of patrons who love the smell of roasted coffee beans in the morning. Lots of folks will tell you they first discovered the little café after a friend invited them for a cup of matcha latte. They never left for another coffee shop after that. The coffee here is that good. They also have delicious cakes and croissants that always make coffee taste better. You might also want to grab a few of their homemade cookies. It is one of the pricier coffee locations in Markham, but the price is well worth it. Apart from the delicious coffee and pastries, patrons enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, access to a private parking lot, and take away services.

Platform Espresso Bar

Platform Espresso Bar is fast becoming one of the most popular breakfast spots in Markham. Everything from the coffee, the food, and the décor is just right. The café is quiet enough to allow customers to work while enjoying their favorite caffeine drink. They also have a brunch menu you’ll want to come back to every time you’re close to Highway 7.