Coffee locations in Uxbridge, ON

Uxbridge, ON is a fast-growing township that has a lot of promise in the year to come. Located halfway between Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario, the township is predominantly a designated bedroom community with most of its residents making daily commutes to nearby cities and town every day.

Uxbridge Township, however, has a thriving restaurant industry that caters to its fast-growing population of over 20,000 residents. There are also aver a dozen coffee shops that provide the ideal environment needed to relax and enjoy your favorite beverage after a long day of working and commuting. While there are several top-rated coffee locations within the township including Tin Cup Caffè, The Bar Cafe, Coffee Time, Starbucks, and Village Cupcakery, there is one that stands out above them all-the Nexus Coffee Company.

If you are visiting City of Uxbridge, ON and you are a coffee lover, you cannot afford to miss the Nexus Coffee Company.¬† It is quite famous for its coffee; in fact, some people are of the opinion that its coffee beats even Starbucks. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is just a coffee shop. In fact, it is more than that.

Serves Great Food

As I said, this is far more than just a cafe. So even if you are not a coffee lover but are hungry anyway and want a fill, then the Nexus Coffee Company is a great place to drop by! Their baked goods and light food options are extremely tasty although some consider it somewhat too expensive given the average price range of food items around Uxbridge.

Friendly And Helpful Staff

Like the hotels, restaurants, and bars in the Township, the staff is both friendly and very professional. They really know how to treat customers and make them feel at home well. No matter how crazy your order and timing is, the staff is always there to serve you with a smile.

Great Location

The coffee shop boasts of an easily accessible location at 9 Brock Street West in the heart of Uxbridge making it both convenient and easy to locate even for visitors in the area.

Overall, if you want to go someplace for a little coffee, gorge on some hot and tasty food, indulge in a little fun and party, all the while enjoying the cool atmosphere and friendly people, Nexus Coffee Company is one place you simply cannot skip visiting!